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Paris from the rooftop: bar, restaurants, apartments, pools

If you want to live in Paris from the rooftop, you can!

In Paris, you can do almost every activity or entertainment you prefer. There are bar, restaurants, gardens… even cinemas on rooftops! When I suggest how to spend time in Paris in Paris Travel pLanning, I always recommend admiring Paris sight. You can do it for free, taking Montmartre funicular. Or, you can take the chance to spend some times on a Parisian rooftop! Admiring views and architectural marvels from a terrace is always exciting. Here are the things you can try living in Paris from the rooftop!

I am so happy that there is the possibility to access to the most beautiful rooftops!


rooftop barRooftop bars in Paris

One of the best ways to enjoy Paris from the rooftop is going in one of the bars from which you can access the whole terrace.


  • La Perchoir
    This bar is on a rooftop in Montmartre. You can visit the district with one of the greatest attractions in Paris, the Sacre-Coeur church, and then admire it from this rooftop bar! The best time to enjoy this experience is in the evening.
    It is in 14 rue Crespin du Gast, Arrondissement 11


  • La Perchoir in Le Marais 
    Perchoir is a chain of rooftop bars in Paris. I think that the one in Montmartre is amazing but I also must recommend the one in Le Marais, one of my favorite districts!
    It is at 33 rue de la Verrerie, Arrondissement 4


  • Terrass-Hotel
    This hotel has a rooftop bar and restaurant. You can choose to have lunch or dinner there or to just have a break during the day! What I like is that they have any proposal to spend time there, from the basic to more expensive ones. I recommend going here if you go to Montmartre!
    It is at 12-14 Rue Joseph de Maistre, Arrondissement 18


  • Café Georges
    If you are into beautiful things, you will surely go to Pompidou Center, the “Mecca” of contemporary art. After you have visited it – it is huge! – you can relax at the café while enjoying Paris from the rooftop. They have great desserts too!
    It is in Place Georges Pompidou, Arrondissement 3


  • Hotel Raphaeli
    If you want to enjoy a moment of peace in one of the rooftop gardens in Paris, this is where you need to go. You can choose to take just a break or to eat your entire dinner in this peaceful terrace while relaxing in the comfortable armchairs.
    It is at 17 avenues Kléber, Arrondissement 16


  • Monsieur Bleu
    This rooftop bar is on the top of the palaces in Paris to visit: Palais Tokyo, in Arrondissement 3. After visiting the art museum that is hosted in it, you can relax in the art deco space of the bar! The cocktails you can taste here are loved by many people.
    It is at 20 Avenue de New York, Arrondissement 16


rooftop restaurant parisRestaurants on Parisian rooftops

Eating in a rooftop restaurant in Paris is something to do, especially if you are in Paris for a long stay and you have all the time to enjoy the city without any rush.


  • Brasserie Auteuil
    This brasserie is an attraction of Paris even if it is inspired by Tuscan houses! You can enjoy being in one of the rooftop gardens even if you are on a rooftop in Paris! Plus, you can taste Italian cuisine.
    It is in 78 rue d’Auteul, Arrondissement 16


  • Le Montana
    If you want to see Saint-Germain-des-Près from above while tasing marinated salmon in dill cream or avocado cream with prawn tartare, this is the place to be. Paris from the rooftop will be an unforgettable experience!
    It is in 28 rue Saint-Benoit, Arrondissement 6


  • Les Ombres
    This is one of the best rooftop restaurants in Paris. That is because from this spot you can admire Paris from the rooftop and seeing the Eiffel Tower, the Sacre Cour and the Seine just walking around! Plus, the dishes are very well selected and made by chef Fréderic Claudel.
    It is in 27 Quai Branly, Arrondissement 7


  • Maison Blanche
    Enjoying Paris from the rooftop of la Maison Blanche offers another great chance. The one to view Paris without the Eiffel Tower. Free from many architectures and close to the Champs-Elysees. In addition, all dishes are seasonal and cooked by chef Fabrice Giraud!
    It is at 15 Avenue Montaigne, Arrondissement 8


rooftop apartmentRooftop apartments in Paris

Staying a rooftop apartment in Paris is one of the greatest ideas you can put into practice! That is because choosing such accommodation gives you the possibility of enjoying Paris from the rooftop 24/7.

Also, you can be sure that you will be in the most central areas without giving up the calm!

Here are some selected short rentals rooftop apartments in Paris.


  • Rooftop apartment in Le Marais, Paris city center
    Would you like to stay in the heart of Paris, having the possibility to relax on the rooftop after spending all day visiting the city? The rooftop apartment in Le Marais is the accommodation for you.



  • Rooftop apartment in Paris for 2 people
    This is the rooftop apartment for those who want to relax on a cozy sofa watching what happens outside. Perfect for a couple or for who needs a special accommodation for business travel.


swimming pool rooftop parisParis from a swimming pool on the rooftop

If you come to Paris in the Summer, spending some hours in a swimming pool is a great idea to refresh yourself. Just think to do it on a rooftop: it is the real plus!


  • Molitor
    At Molitor’s, you can just take a drink or something to eat. Or, you can spend there an entire day or relax in the swimming pool! This is a luxury experience that many people can afford.
    It is at 6 avenues de la Porte Molitor, Arrondissement 16


  • Joséphine Baker Pool
    If “usual rooftops” bore you, you can still have the chance to go on a very special rooftop provided of a swimming pool! Joséphine Baker Pool is actually on the rooftop of a boat, so you can swim in a pool admiring the Seine.
    It is in Quai François Mauriac, Arrondissement 13


  • Butte-aux-Cailles
    From this swimming pool, you won’t see much of Paris. Anyway, you still have the possibility to note down the address of this open-air swimming pool since it is considered one of the bests in the city!
    It is at 5 Place Paul Verlaine, Arrondissement 13


    • Luxury pool on a rooftop in Paris

If you would like to do something more exclusive, to feel like a VIP in Paris, I have two proposals.

  • 1k
    If you are looking for a private luxury pool on a rooftop in Paris, this is the one. It is in the heart of Paris, Le Marais. You can go there by metro, getting off at the Filles du Calvaire station. You can rent the house with pool on the rooftop also just for the day! Or, even give parties up to 40 people!
    It’s in 13 Bulevard du Temple, Arrondissement 4


  • Accorhotel
    Another luxury pool on a rooftop in Paris is offered by Accorthotel. If you book a night there, you can access the pool on the rooftop. It is really loved by its guests since the view is amazing!
    It is in 37 Place René Clair, Arrondissement 18


rooftop cinema parisCinema on a rooftop in Paris

Whether if you are a cinema lover or not, having the chance to see a movie from a rooftop cinema in Paris is rare! That is why you might decide to go for this experience anyway!


  • Philharmonie
    If your dream is to watch a movie from a rooftop in Paris, you have to go to Parc de la Villette. On the rooftop of the Philarmonie, there is the chance to watch films too!
    It is in La Villette, Arrondissement 19


  • Le Louxor
    Go to South Pigalle to the cinema Le Louxor. It is in a wonderful palace in the Art Deco style. From this rooftop, you can admire the Sacré Coeur! You can go there every day from 6 pm to 11.45 pm.
    It is at 170 Boulevard de Magenta, Arrondissement 9