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Paris in May 2022

open tour busAre you coming to Paris in May? Take a look at our tips to enjoy the city.


Paris in may is splendid! Coming here during this month means admiring the city in Spring. It definitely changes its shades the more that Summer gets closer. Also, during this month you can take the opportunity to celebrate Mother’s Day that, unlike other countries, is on May 26.



Paris in May: What’s the Weather like?

Before planning your stay in Paris, collect the information you need about the weather to know what kind of clothing you need to take with you!

Usually, the temperature average during the day in May is around 69 F° (20 C°). At night, the climate temperature is around 46 F°. The weather in May 2022 will be sunny or cloudy most of the days.

This means that the best choice you could do is to dress in layers and bring an umbrella, just in case.


What to do in Paris in May

paris in mayOne of the best things you can do in Paris in Spring is take long walks! If you are coming to Paris in May 2022, don’t miss the chance to take a long walk in the neighborhoods of Saint-Martin Canal, in arrondissement 9.

After having a drink as an aperitif, one of the most loved habits by EU people, you can have dinner in a lovely place around there. I recommend considering Hotel du Nord, one of the most famous brasseries in Paris. Another place to go in the same area is Chez Prune. In both places, you will breathe the Parisian atmosphere!

If you are lucky, you may attend Le Printemps des Rues, a street art festival with performances and stands.


In May there is a cultural event to attend, on May 8. French people celebrate the Fete de la Victoire, a French National Holiday. If you want to take part in this celebration, go to the Arc de Triomphe all day!