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Paris Metro Line 11, the brown one

If you don’t know which one is the Paris Metro Line 11, just go to the RATP metro line that is brown!

Paris Metro line 11 goes from Chatelet (Avenue Victoria) to Mairie des Lilas. It is a metro that I like to take often because some of its stops are Hotel de Ville Rambuteau Arts et Metiers, Republique. These are very central in Paris and I think that accommodation close to one of these stops is precious!

Plus, if you stay in an apartment that is near Paris Metro Line 11, you can easily take the RER to go to the airport. You just have to get off at Chatelet! I like this Metro because it is very useful to take other lines too.

Another useful information is about RATP or private companies’ transports pass.


Paris Metro Line 11 stops


  • Chatelet – Avenue Victoria (arrondissement 4)
  • Hotel de Ville (arrondissement 4)
  • Rambuteau (arrondissement 4)
  • Arts et Métiers (arrondissement 3)
  • Republique (arrondissement 3)
  • Goncourt (arrondissement 10)
  • Belleville (arrondissement 4)
  • Pyrenees (arrondissement 20)
  • Jourdain (arrondissement 20)
  • Place des Fetes (arrondissement 19)
  • Télégraphe (arrondissement 20)
  • Porte des Lilas (arrondissement 19)
  • Mairie des Lilas (arrondissement 20)

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