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Paris Metro Line 14, the deep purple one

If you have to take the RATP Paris Metro Line 14, remember that you can identify it by its deep purple color.

Paris Metro line 14 takes you to Saint-Lazare to Olympiades. You can take to reach the station where you can take the RER too. If you need tot take the RER A, B or D you have to get off at Chatelet.

At Gare de Lyon you can take the RER A or D.

If you need to take the RER C, you can get off at Bibliothèque François Mitterand.

If you need to take the RER E, you must get off at Saint-Lazare.

Paris Metro Line 14 has few stops but it is very useful to reach one of the most central stations of Paris, just like Gare de Lyon. Plus, you can do to the Madeleine or Pyramides station, which are interesting areas of Paris too.  

About Paris Metro Line 14 timetable, just remember that the first one in the morning is at 5.30 a.m. and the last one at 00.30 a.m.


Paris Metro Line 14 stops

  • Saint-Lazare (arrondissement 8)
  • Madeleine (arrondissement 8)
  • Pyramides (arrondissement 1)
  • Chatelet (arrondissement 4)
  • Gare de Lyon (arrondissement 12)
  • Bercy (arrondissement 12)
  • Cour Saint-Emilion (arrondissement 12) 
  • Bibliotheque François Mitterand (arrondissement 13)
  • Olympiades (arrondissement 13)

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