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Paris Summer Sales 2020

Summer sales in Paris traditionally start on the last Wednesday of June and end 5 weeks later. But, if the last Wednesday of June is after the 28th, Summer sales start a week earlier. For example, Paris Summer sales in 2020 start on June 21.

People must surely respect new rules to prevent COVID-19 from spreading. Even if certifications are not mandatory anymore, people must wear masks. Also, being at a certain distance may be still necessary during sales.


Summer sales discounts

Shopping in Paris during Summer sales is a really good idea to take advantage of huge price reductions. The most interesting sales discounts are on home decor objects and clothes. Even the finest boutiques offer great deals!

During Winter and Summer sales in Paris you can save up to 80%! In the early weeks, you can save 30% or 50% of the full price. But, especially during the latest days, you may be lucky enough to get a price reduction of 80%!

Think about what you want to buy in advance to be sure of not buying unnecessary stuff. You don’t want to put unessential burdens in your luggage! If you take a look at some online catalogs in advance of the greatest fashion galleries and fashion chains in Paris, you can go straight to what you mean to buy.


Where to go during Summer sales in Paris

If you are coming to Paris in Summer 2020, note down the streets you must go to get the best deals.

Even if there are many expensive boutiques and shops, sales in Paris are so convenient that you can go to the most famous shopping streets anyway. Here are which are the bests according to me:

  • Avenue Marceau
  • Champs-Elysees
  • Rue du Faubourg Saint Onorè
  • Avenue Montaigne