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What’s the Weather Like in Paris?

To know what’s the weather like in Paris is a necessity when you have to prepare your suitcase. Plus, it can be very useful if you like to plan in advance what to do every day you are in the city.


What’s the weather like in Paris, the temperature average

weatherThe temperature average in Paris changes during the year. During Winter, the temperature average swings from 35 F° to 77 F°. It is not very very cold. It may happen that during a certain day the temperature is particularly low. Usually, Parisians do not need to stay home for the climate.

During Summer, the temperature average varies and it can be also of 100 F°! This also is valid only for a few days during the year. Usually, Summer is one of the best moment to visit Paris. Even if some days it is too hot, during the others the sun is enjoyable.




The weather in Paris during the year

If you go to Paris during December, January or February, just remember that the temperature will be at 46 F°. During Winter the weather is very windy and sometimes rainy. Anyway, there could be some days of snow and cold and some others with a milder climate.

If you visit Paris in June, July or August, you need to know that the weather will be enjoyable. In Summer there is the sun and even if during the day the average of the temperature is 90 F°, at night there is some breeze.

When it is Spring or Autumn, so in March, April, May or in September, October and November, the weather can change in a moment. Anyway, the temperature swings from 55 F° and 70 F°.

paris weather 2020

Wheater in Paris in 2020

When it’s the best time of the year, so?

After pointing out all this, I can affirm that the best time of the year to visit Paris is from the last half of May to the first half of September. The days are longer. Plus, you can admire the nature of the city at its best. Even if you suffer when it’s too warm, you will enjoy the night Summer breeze.


What is the weather like in Paris in 2020?

Take a look at weather forecasts and temperature average at Paris Weather 2020.