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Tour de France fun facts

Tour de France 2023 is one of the most awaited events of the year. It has always been like that, but why? Here is why the Tour de France is so popular all over the world.

In Paris, there’s always something to do. Among all the events, one of the most awaited is the Tour de France. Whether you like cycling or not, you may already hear something about this tour! That is because it is more than just a sports event. Tour de France is part of popular culture.

People have always been curious about the innovations introduced by this event. Every year it becomes more and more challenging. Here is what have been the revolutionary stages of the creation of Tour de France.

tour de france 2020 routeTour de France, the revolutionary tour that ends in Paris

Why the tour de France is so important? The Tour de France is considered the most important race in the world. That is for several reasons.

When the Tour de France began, it was revolutionary in many aspects. First of all, the Tour France is the oldest stage race. Also, it was the first to include a caravan for product sponsorship. That is why it still attracts lots of sponsors!

The tour de France event is very interesting from a marketing perspective indeed. This sports event has always been properly sold to the public who can wait to join. Besides marketing strategies, the Tour de France is so awaited because cycling is a very popular sport in France.

One more thing that not everybody knows about the Tour de France is that until the late 1960s, it involved national teams. Just think how would be amazing to support your national time instead of a single athlete nowadays!

Another innovation introduced by Tour de France is the departure from a foreign Country.

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