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Updated tips about Paris

Which shoes to wear in Paris? Which clothes are necessary? How to save money by choosing the water to drink in Paris? How to plan what to see in Paris?

Here are some tips and pieces of advice updated to 2021 to live your stay in Paris at your best.


Tips about Paris

  • Pay attention to your shoes
    Even if this advice may be trivial, this is vital information! Trust me, even if you move around the city by metro, visiting huge attractions such as the Louvre Museum and taking long walks along the Champs Elysees will request a walk of miles and miles. Being in a queue at the ticket office may require comfortable shoes as well.
    The best shoes to wear are waterproof sneakers. Even if you are coming to Paris in Summer, you may have to deal with rainy days.
    Be sure to choose a pair of shoe that is comfortable and suitable with your outfit!


  • Be prepared for rain
    As I mentioned, even if you come to Paris in Summer you will have rainy days. Drizzle is possible in any season. That is why a waterproof jacket is a must-have in Paris! And don’t forget umbrellas.


  • Get used to drinking tap water
    If you are a drinker of mineral water only, I have bad news. Mineral water in Paris is very expensive. The cost of a bottle of water is between 3.50 and 5 euros, more than a glass of wine or a beer. Tap water is free in every brasserie, restaurant, and coffee. It is safe to drink, and it will make you save a lot during your stay in Paris!


  • Plan what to see
    This city is stuffed in attractions to see: museums, theatres, monuments, squares, parks, exhibitions, monumental bridges, architecture. Seeing everything is impossible, even for locals. That’s why good planning is fundamental. Take a look at Paris Travel Planning!