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What is the cheapest time of year to visit Paris? How to save money

save money cityAre you looking for tips about when is the best time to go to Paris to save money? Here is some useful info for you!

If you want to save money, the best time to go to Paris is Winter, late Autumn, or early Spring. Staying in Paris during the months of November, January, February, and March is usually cheaper. During this time of the year, prices are on average much lower than in the high season. But it also is the coldest and rainiest period. You won’t suffer the cold anyway! Paris is pleasant even during the rainiest days. Plus, you will always be spoilt for choices about what to do!

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There are 3 main elements that will weigh on your budget while staying in Paris. Accommodation, flights, and visits to museums and attractions.

You can save money for accommodation and flights by coming to Paris in the lower season. I suggest booking for November, January, February, or March.

And what about museums and attractions to visit? For most of them, prices are fixed. But you can count on a special tourist pass that allows you free entry into most of the museums and attractions in Paris (including the Eiffel Tower, and the Louvre). The best pass you can buy is the Paris Museum Pass. It lasts from 2 to 6 days and allows you to save up to 60%. The more attractions you visit, the bigger the savings. You must purchase the pass online. Once you are in Paris, you can activate it when using it for the first time.

Pay attention! If you’re under 26, you don’t need a pass, as most museums are free for EU citizens under 26.