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What to do in Paris in August 2020

Even if many events have been canceled due to Coronavirus in Paris, Paris still offers a lot to do in August 2020. Here is a collection of ideas on what you can do in Paris in August 2020.


What to do in Paris, August 2020

  • Go to Paris Plages
    Paris Plages is the place to be in Paris in Summer. Along the banks of the Seine river, and close to Parc de la Villette, you can find so many artificial beaches to go to. During all summer, Parisian go there in the morning for sports events and in the evening to drink aperitifs and dance.


  • Go to see a sporting event
    In August there are so many sports events in Paris. For example, you can watch beach volley at Paris Plages, the artificial beaches along the banks of the River Seine. Or, you can go to follow one stage of the Tour de France 2020. This year, it will start on August 29 and end on September 20.


  • Take part in a Sightseeing Tour
    August is one of the greatest moments of the year to take a sightseeing tour. That is because there is no traffic and you can go from one side to another in the city in a very short time. Also, Sightseeing buses usually give you the chance to join different tours in one day with the same ticket.


  • Join traditional festivities
    If you would like to see how Parisian celebrate religious festivities, the date to note down is August 15, the assumption day.
    Also, in August 2020, there will be the 75th anniversary of the celebration of the end of the Nazi occupation during World War II. Parisian usually celebrate it on August 25, at Paris City Hall.