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What to do in Paris in June

paris in juneAre you planning to stay in Paris in June 2022? Here is some information about weather forecasts and what to do in Paris in June.


Coming to Paris in June is a fantastic idea. Visiting the city at this time of the year means having the chance to attend lots of events, and going to Paris plages (artificial beaches) like ‘real’ Parisians.



Paris in June, tips about the weather

Before thinking of what to do, taking a look at weather forecasts may be a good starting point to prepare your luggage.

Coming to Paris in June means that finally, the rainy days will be just 7 or 8 during the entire month! Summer is coming, and this means that the weather will be sunny most of the time.

Anyway, if you just want to know what will be the weather like in June, you just need to know that the temperature average is around75,2 F° during the day. At night, the temperature average will be around 57,2 F°. I recommend dressing in layers even if we are in June!


What to do in Paris in June

festival in juneBefore COVID-19, there were lots of events in Paris in June. Events about music, cinema, sports… By now not every annual event is still on.

There is always a lot do to in Paris, and this is valid for June 2022 as well. You can go to the Paris plages, which are artificial beaches on the banks of the River Seine. Did you pack your swimming suit?

As always, you can visit lots of temporary exhibitions in the museums in Paris.

Last but not least, June is the perfect time of the year to see the neighborhoods of Paris. Think about going to Versailles, or Saint-Denis, especially if you are in Paris for more than a week!