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3 unconventional ways to explore Paris

When somebody asks which is the best way to explore Paris, I usually recommend taking the subway. The Paris metro covers almost the entire city. Plus, it is fast and you can take it every 2 minutes. But, if you don’t like moving around a city in the underground, or you have already been to Paris and you are looking for a new perspective, you have alternatives to take!


Here are 3 ‘unconventional’ ways to explore Paris!


Unconventional ways to explore Paris

  • If you are solo in Paris, with your partner or with a friend, one of the best ways to explore Paris is by scooter! Renting a scooter in Paris means seeing it like a local. Also, unlike metros or buses, you can stop whenever you want! You can even join tours on a Vespa, the world-famous Italian scooter, that will lead you to the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Champs-Elysees, Notre-Dame Cathedral and much more…


  • The best way to explore Paris surely is on foot! Transports are great to move from one pole to another. But, once you are in the arrondissement you have supposed to be to, the best you can do is to explore the area taking a walk. My favorite district to take a walk in Paris is Le Marais. The narrow streets in Le Marais are rich in attractions to visit and beautiful shops!


  • Another famous way to explore Paris is by taking a cruise on the Seine. By joining a boat tour or a cruise on the Seine you will see Paris from a new perspective. Even if it is the less independent tour you can take part in, exploring Paris taking a cruise on the Seine lets you see the city from its very center. You will pass by many important landmarks, such as the Musée d’Orsay, Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Latin Quarter… Plus, you will see many famous bridges from below!