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Arrondissement 4, the heart of Paris

Arrondissement 4 is full of attractions. I think that finding accommodation here is a dream. Visiting Paris having accommodation in arrondissement 4 is comfortable and evocative. From here, you can enjoy striking views of the city.

What I like about this arrondissement is that it includes also the islands of the city. Ile de la Cité and Ile Saint-Louis are small islands that you can reach crossing the bridges. The bridges of Paris are traditional architectures of the city. It is so romantic to go there!

In arrondissement 4 you can go to visit some of the most famous symbols of Paris. Just think about the Notre-Dame cathedral or the Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis church! Plus, you can go to visit de Georges Pompidou center too.

The districts of arrondissement IV are Saint-Merri, Saint-Gervais, Arsenal, and Notre-Dame. Let’s find out which are the main landmarks and metro stations.


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As I mentioned before, if you go to the arrondissement 4, you can visit the Notre-Dame cathedral. It is one of the most famous churches in the world. This is because it is majestic. When you go there you are overwhelmed by the beauty of gothic architecture.

Another important church in this area of Paris is the Saint-Marie Temple. When you go there you can admire the organ build in 1985. The dome is remarkable too.

The metro stations that you have to remember when visiting the arrondissement 4 are nine. Arsenal, Bastille, Chatelet, Cité, Hotel de Ville, Pont Marie, Rambuteau, Saint-Paul and Sully-Morland.



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Arrondissement four from a bateau

If you go to the islands of arrondissement 4, please don’t forget that you have the chance to visit the city from a bateau. The bateau is a small ferry that you can take from the various spots of the city. It is really easy taking it from the islands of this arrondissement.

You can choose to take a single cruise or a special one.

This is my favorite Arrondissement!


A treasure in Arrondissement 4, Saint-Chapelle

Sainte Chapelle in Arrondissement 4 is one of the architectural treasures of Paris. It is a church in the Ile de la Cité and it is perfect for who appreciates Gotic architecture. This is one of the attractions to see also if you love history since it was strongly wanted by Louis 9. It was built between 1246 and 1248 and today you can still admire its beauty.

Let’s see what you get with this ticket!

If you want to visit Sainte Chapelle, you can buy this ticket and plan your tour. This is the best because you can skip the line and go straight into this treasure that is part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

At Sainte Chapelle, you can appreciate the façade. Once you get in there, you can be amazed by the immensity of the interiors. You must admire the chapel with its rose window, glass windows, and sculptures. This is one of the places to be in Paris if you love art.

What I like about this ticket is that you can ensure access to the church. Plus, you get also a paper guide. It is available in many languages, also in English!

The entrance of the church is in Boulevard du Palais 8 in Paris. If you go in Sainte Chapelle, note down that people under 18 and UE citizens under 25 don’t pay. Also, another useful information is to know that you can only bring with you bags that respect the following measures: 40x40x20.

When you plan your time in Sainte Chapelle, remember that it opens at 9.30 am and closes at 6 pm. During festivities as Xmas and New Year’s Eve, opening hours vary since it closes at 4 pm.


A short guide to Saint-Merri

Saint-Merri is a district of Paris that is located on the rive droite (i.e. right bank or right side) of the Seine. Like many central areas of Paris, it is situated in the arrondissement 4 and is very close to the city’s islands – the Ile de la Cité and the Ile Saint-Louis. In fact, from the Ile de la Cité it can be reached via Pont au Change or Pont d’Arcole and from the Ile Saint Louis, you can go there through Pont Louis Philippe. The metro stations near the Saint-Merri district are Chatelet and Hotel de Ville; the main streets are Rue Rambuteau, Rue des Archives, and de Lobau and Boulevard de Sébastopol.

In addition to being close to other districts full of attractions such as the des Halles and the Marais ones, Saint-Merri is rich of places to visit such as the Pompidou Centre, one of the most important contemporary art centers in the world.

Among the most important attractions and landmarks of Saint-Merri stand out the public library, the research institute and acoustic and musical coordination, the national museum of modern art. Plus, in this area there is the Theatre de la Ville (i.e. “of the city”), the city hall of Paris (Hotel de Ville) and the Fountain Stravinsky, a fountain 580 meters wide and sculpted by Jean Tinguely and Niki de Saint Phalle. The fountain is a collection of mechanical pieces and colored ones: sixteen moving sculptures representing the works of the composer Igor Stravinsky.

The most important religious monument of the district is the church of Saint-Merri, in rue st. Martin 78, close to the Pompidou Centre. It is an example of Gothic architecture and has reliefs due to changes in the Baroque period. In fact, despite the construction of the church is dated to 1515, the facade has several details in the Baroque style as pinnacles and friezes. The model followed for the construction of the church was the cathedral of Notre-Dame, in fact, the church of Saint-Marri is also known as Notre-Dame le petite (i.e. The little Notre-Dame).



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Baryesquare Garden on Ile Saint-Louis

The Baryesquare is a square belonging to the fourth arrondissement in Paris. In the French language, a square must include a public garden: otherwise, it is a place.


At Ile Saint-Louis, the Baryesquare is the perfect place to enjoy nature. It is also the perfect location for picnics or for doing activities with children. The wholesomeness is guaranteed. In 2007 the park was recognized as a certified ecological green space by Ecocert, a French organization dedicated to the certification of public places. Plus, the Baryesquare is more safe and modern than others because of the modernization conducted in there in recent years.


The Baryesquare owes its name to Antoine-Louis Barye, a famous 19th-century sculptor whose works are also in the Louvre. Among his specialties, there are also animals’ sculptures.


In addition to several of his artworks, in the Ile Saint-Louis garden, you can see a monument dedicated to Barye, strongly desired by his friends and admirers. The monument was designed by architect Louis Bernier. Plus, it was sculpted by Emmanuel Frémiet.


The park was completed in 1938 and despite several changes, the plan is the same as the one of the beginning. Today as back in 1900 the park is bordered by the road (Boulevard) Henri 4, from which it is possible to access (at number 2). The large garden can also be reached by métro, getting off at the Sully-Morland stop. If you continue walking on Boulevard Henri 4you arrive at Pont de Sully, connected with both banks of the Seine river: rive gauche and rive Droite.


Baryesquare is full of animal statues such as the bronze lion attacking a snake. This place includes the final point of the Ile Saint-Louis. Enjoy a beautiful Parisian landscape from this spot!


The square opens at 8 a.m. and closes at 9.30 p.m from Monday to Sunday.


Bouquinistes of Paris, open-air bookstores along the Seine!

The Bouquinistes of Paris are famous all over the world. They are booksellers that sell ancient books, journals, prints, posters, postcards, stamps, pictures, engravings, and trading cards. Just think that if you go there, you have the chance to buy first editions of writings by Zola, Hugo, Baudelaire, Scaron.

Anyway, it’s not this possibility that makes bouquinistes of Paris an attraction of the city. What so special about them? They sell these precious books in open-air bookstores along the Seine!

Being a bouquiniste in Paris is a tradition started in the 16th century. Almost 400 years! The bouquinistes of Paris are mainly in the neighborhoods of the Ile de la Cité that, with Ile Saint-Louis, is one of my favorite areas in Paris!

Bouquinistes are also part of Unesco World Heritage!

As I mentioned, take a walk between the open-air bookstores of Paris, the bouquinistes of Paris, is a great idea to know Parisian culture in a very pleasant way.

That is because being a bouquiniste in Paris is a tradition

since 1607. During Pont Neuf construction, Henry the IV wanted book merchants establishing there. They were the first journals and writings sellers! They couldn’t afford an entire bookstore and so they became bouquinistes. Then, in 1859, they had a regular position in society and in the market.


Nowadays, you can walk along the Seine and see the 240 open-air bouquinistes that sell ancient books and antiques. There you can find some of the most original souvenirs to buy if you and your parents or friends love this stuff too. At these peculiar shops, you will find a fair relation between what you are buying and the money you are spending.

Also, another thing that results comfortable is that when you walk along the bouquinistes stands, you are a few steps away from Notre Dame Cathedral! Even if you don’t want to spend too much time in bookstores, you can always take a walk when you decide to visit Le Marais.


The Seine is known also as the river that runs between
two bookshelves!



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Where to find bouiquinistes in Paris

For those who are into reading or into antiques, this is an unmissable thing to do. If you want to explore these bouquinistes in Paris, open-air bookstores,  here is the way to follow.

  • From the left bank of the Seine, you can find them from Quai Voltaire to the Quai de la Tournelle;
  • If you are on the right side of the Seine, go from the Pont Marie to the Quai du Louvre. There you will see 900 green boxes that now are part of the Parisian landscape. Each stand is made of a green box that is about 2 meters long.

To go to these areas of the city, you can walk or take one of the following transports:

  • Take the metro and get off at Saint Michel station.
  • If you prefer to take the RER and get off at Saint-Michel – Notre Dame.
  • Take one of the following buses: 21, 24, 27, 38, 39, 47, 58, 63, 67, 68, 69, 70, 72, 75, 76, 85, 89, 95 or 96.

If you would like to know precise opening hours… Bouquinistes don’t really follow them. They have no schedule and you can find an open bouquiniste any time. No matter if it’s Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer!


Accommodation in Paris arrondissement 4

If you ask me “Where is the best area to stay in Paris?”, I would definitively recommend a short term rental in Arrondissement 4. This huge district is the heart of the city where you can live like a local in Paris being surrounded by its most important attractions.


hotel particulierOne of the most traditional accommodations you can find in Paris is an apartment in a Hotel Particulier. That is because Hotel Particuliers are historical buildings in the city! For example, this hotel particulier in Paris can accommodate up to 5 people.



leisure apartmentThe Leisure apartment in Arrondissement 4  is the perfect accommodation for a couple or a solo traveler who is looking for a comfortable but elegant place in the Paris center. It can accommodate a family too!




accommodation in le maraisWhen you come to Paris with the whole family, you need a place that can accommodate many people! I think that one of the bests for a family is the accommodation in Le Marais with your own patio! As you might already guess, you would have an outside space too.



rooftop apartment in le maraisIf you want to live Paris admiring the city from a particular point of view, the Rooftop apartment in Le Marais for short rentals might be for you. Just imagine chatting outside while at home!




3-bedroom flat in Le MaraisThe 3-bedroom flat in Le Marais is perfect for who is looking for a short term rental for families in Paris. It comes with all the comforts and it is in the very center of Paris.




1-bedroom flat in le maraisAn alternative to staying in Le Marais in a big place is the 1-bedroom flat in Le Marais. Even if it is a 1-bedroom accommodation, it can accommodate up to 4 people!




short rentals in Le MaraisIf you are in 3 or 4 people, and you would like to stay in the very center of Paris, the place to book is this flat in Le Marais. I love its wooden floors!




independent apartmentAre you looking for an independent apartment in the heart of the city? Consider the Independent Apartment near the Hotel de Ville. Even if it is in the center of Paris, this apartment is very quiet.




bookstore apartmentThe Bookstore apartment in Le Marais is loved and admired by readers and not. There is such a magical atmosphere while being surrounded by culture bricks.




luxury apartmentThis Luxury Rental Apartment is in Le Marais. It can accommodate up to 6 people and it is very comfortable and elegant! If you are looking for both comfort and luxury, this is the place.




Apartment on the SeineWhen you plan your stay in Paris, it is good to know that you can find many accommodations on the Seine, such as the apartment for short rents on the Seine.




houseboat…And if you feel like you want to make an adventure, you can even book a houseboat and literally stay on the Seine!




hotel apartmentIf you prefer having all the comforts of a hotel and the privacy of a private apartment, choose a Hotel Apartment instead!


arrondissement 4

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