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Arrondissement 4, islands and churches of Paris

The arrondissement 4 is full of attractions of Paris. I think that finding an accommodation here is a dream. Visiting Paris having an accommodation in the fourth arrondissement is really comfortable and evocative. From here, you can enjoy striking views of the city.

What I like about this arrondissement is that it includes also the islands of the city. Ile de la Cité and Ile Saint-Louis are small islands that you can reach crossing the bridges. The bridges of Paris are traditional architectures of the city. It is so romantic to go there!

In arrondissement 4 you can go to visit some of the most famous symbols of Paris. Just think about the Notre-Dame cathedral or the Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis church! Plus, in the fourth arrondissement you can go to visit de Georges Pompidou centre too.

The districts of arrondissement IV are Saint-Merri, Saint-Gervai, Arsenal and Notre-Dame. Let’s find out which are the main landmarks and metro stations.

Arrondissement 4, architectures to see, squares to be, metro

As I mentioned before, if you go to the arrondissement 4, you can visit the Notre-Dame cathedral. It is one of the most famous churches in the world. This is because it is absolutley majestic. When you go there you are overwhelmed by the beauty of gothic architecture.

Another important church of the fourth arrondissement of Paris is the Saint-Marie Temple. When you go there you can admire the organ build in the 1985. The dome is truly remarkable too.

The metro stations that you have to remember when visiting the arrondissement 4 are nine. Arsenal, Bastille, Chatelet, Cité, Hotel de Ville, Pont Marie, Rambuteau, Saint-Paul and Sully-Morland.

Arrondissement 4 from a bateau

If you go to the islands of arrondissement 4, please don’t forget that you have the chance to visit the city from a bateau. The bateau is a small ferry that you can take from various spot of the city. It is really easy taking it from the islands of this arrondissement.

You can choose to take a single cruise or a special one. You can even choose to eat there! If you are interested in doing this, check other informations in the transports page.

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