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Best Coworking Spaces in Paris

If come to Paris for business travel or for a long stay, you might need a coworking space. What is that? Is a place where you can pay to have the perfect place to work. Coworking spaces in Paris offer what you can find in every coworking space. A desk or location with electric energy so you can plug your computer and other devices is the minimum. Usually, coworking spaces are in places where it’s super pleasant to have a break!


Coworking spaces in Paris have rooms or halls where you can have a coffee or
what else you prefer!


Why would you ever need to go to a coworking space? Because it’s good to not work in the place where you sleep. Plus, if you go to a coworking space in Paris, you will have the chance to meet other people. If you are in Paris alone or for a very long time, it’s great to know other people! Or, if you like to be alone, you can be sure that finding a coworking space in Paris gives you the peace that you need to concentrate.
Actually, I think it’s one of the best places to study too!

Usually, it works like this: you go to a coworking space in Paris and you rent your singular coworking station. Coworking spaces in Paris work like the others and so you can find a coworking station to rent per day or per month. Let’s see which are the best coworking spaces in Paris. Don’t forget to check the distance from your accommodation to the coworking station before deciding to go there.


Looking for a Coworking Space in Paris? Here are the top ones

If you are looking for a coworking space in Paris that is in the middle between a house and an office, you will surely find it in the following list. Some of them might require a pre-reservation, so check always their official site or them social canals to verify!


  • Le Loft 50 partners
    This coworking space in Paris is super central! It’s the place to be both if you are a businessman or if you are a startupper. In Le Loft, there are also rooms where people from ateliers and many firms meet. I like that there are natural light and a covered garden. Plus, there are lots of common spaces too, like a modern library.
    Price: around 400 € per month.
    Address: 62 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, arrondissement 1.


  • La Permanence
    As the name suggests, this is a coworking space in Paris open 24-hours non-stop!!! If you are an Erasmus student or you are a freelancer that has no precise working time, this is the perfect place! It is very neat and bright. Plus, there you can find printers, copiers, scanners and, of course, areas to have a break.
    Address: 2 rue du Fer à Moulin, arrondissement 5, or 47 bis Rue d’Alésia, arrondissement 14.
    Price: 1 € or 1.50 € per hour and 80 € per month. Meeting rooms cost 5 € per hour.


  • Le 10to10
    This coworking space feels like home. When you go there, you immediately feel the warmness given by the style of this place. What I love about this place is that there is a great concierge service and help foreign people too. Plus, you can join coaching seminars or career events!
    Price: 4.50 € per hour and 22.50 € per day.
    Address: you can find it at Clerys in Silicon Sentier – rue du Sentier, arrondissement 2, or you can go in the one in Saint Martin, arrondissement 10.



  • AntiCafé
    This is one of the coziest coworking spaces in Paris. You can choose to relax by taking a coffee or a snack or to plan a meeting in a very colorful but relaxing place. You won’t be distracted even if the place is not annoying! Plus, singular positions are very cool too. Another feature that I like is that this coworking space offers board games too!
    Price: 5 € per hour; 25 € per five hours or more.
    Addresses: 79 Rue Quincampoix (Beaubourg, arrondissement 4); 10 Rue de Richelieu (Louvre, arrondissement 1); 6 rue du Chateau d’Eau (Republique, arrondissement 10).


  • Husby
    If your French is not very good, this is the perfect coworking space in Paris for foreign people! That is because they have a bilingual site and they are very helpful with non-French speakers. I think that this place has a lot of Parisian, starting from the huge windows that allow watching directly on the road. I also like that the colors of this coworking space are very neutrals.
    Price: 5 € for the first hour and 2.50 € thereafter. 24 € is the price per more than five hours.
    Addresses: 41 Rue Réaumur (Arts et Métiers, arrondissement 3); 9bis Rue Lucien Sampaix (République, arrondissement 10)


  • Le Tank
    This is the coworking space in Paris for Millennials and Z Generation! That is because in this place there are no coffee rooms but only coworking stations and meeting rooms where you can focus on what you have to do. Plus, they also plan hackathons and events about digital culture.
    Price: 24 € per day.
    Address: 22bis Rue des Taillandiers (Bastille, arrondissement 11)


  • Station W
    If you work a lot and you drink lots of coffee or tea, this is paradise! Once you get to the Station W, you can spend your time in many locations of this coworking firm! The style is kind of retro and once there you can get unlimited tea and coffee! You can even have lunch there. Plus, there are private spaces for meetings too. Price: 99 € per month.
    Addresses: 49 rue Berger (Chatelet, arrondissement 4); 19 Quai Saint Michel (Saint Michel, arrondissement 6); 29 avenue Daumesnil (Gare de Lyon, arrondissement 12); 153 rue Saint-Martin (Rambuteau – Chatelet les Halles, arrondissement 3).


  • Cool & Workers
    Here is the perfect coworking space where you can actually relax too. It’s perfect for journalists since you can consult newspapers and magazines. Plus, there are unlimited drinks and snacks! Cool & Workers is very modern and essential and that let you concentrate a lot! The real thing is that you can go there to use your coworking station and then meet with your friends to have a drink!
    Price: 4 € per hour; 20 € per day.
    Address: 30 rue de Chemin Vert (Richard Lenoir, arrondissement 11).