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COVID-19 September 2020 updates in Paris

Here are all the updates collected during the month of September 2020 about COVID-19 news about France, and measures applied in Paris.


September 2020 updates about COVID-19 in Paris

30 September news

  • In every place in the north of France, tea rooms, bars, and cafés must close at 10 pm. There also is a ban on selling alcohol and broadcasting music from 8 pm to 6 am. Also, there is a ban on parties and family gatherings. All these ‘new’ rules are to dissuade the population from organizing parties in private apartments.


  • The French Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, has formally ruled out that France can declare a “preventive” national lockdown before Christmas.


  • To prevent the spreading of the epidemic, there is a ban on organizing wedding receptions and student parties.



September 28 updates

  • Last week, infected people per day were more than 16000. That is why there is the hypothesis of a new lockdown. Reopenings did help people to not freak out but they also are the cause of the spreading of COVID-19. We will wait for further days to know which will be the new rules to face the pandemic.


  • What is sure about traveling is that by now the swab test is mandatory for those who come from Paris. If you are coming to Paris, be sure to have checked everything with your flight company.


September 25 updates

  • According to the last data, there have been 10.008 new cases and 68 deaths in France.


  • Public events are open up to 1000 people, and not up to 5000 anymore


  • All restaurants and cafés must close at 10 pm.


  • According to the newspaper “Le Figaro”, there may be changes in the rules to rent places for weddings and other big events.


  • Outdoor meetings are not allowed to groups of more than 10 people.



September 21 updates

  • Facemasks are mandatory in all public transport, in taxis / uber, and in covered public places.


  • In many places in France, including Paris, the local authorities have recently introduced the obligation to use the mask also in open spaces, providing for fines against offenders (135 euros, which become 1,500 in case of recidivism).


  • In some areas of France the obligation to wear a mask is also provided for outdoors such as, for example, the streets of historic centers, places of ‘nightlife’, markets, tourist areas, etc.



18 September update

  • Since the epidemic is growing up again in France, there is the possibility of restoring some measures to prevent the spreading of COVID-19 in Paris and France.


  • It is possible that in the further days there will be a ban on public transit at peak hours. That means that bars and restaurants should close at 11 pm or 1 am again.


  • During the latest hours, the data report that 70% of infected people are in ICU. Since last week, there are about 1000 infections per day.



September 16 Updates


  • There is the possibility to get a free screening test for COVID-19 in each arrondissement of Paris.


  • There is proof that the Coronavirus is more dangerous in the first five days. This is one of the reasons for the reduction of the number of days of quarantine. Now, it is necessary to be in quarantine for just 7 days.


  • The French National Center for Scientific Research in Lyon has released a new screening test for tracking people infected with COVID-19. The new test is less invasive since there is only a need to blow in a sort of breathalyzer, a machine that analyses the air in the lungs.



11/9 update

  • Even if the number of infected people in France is still increasing, in Paris the situation is less worrying. That does not mean that you don’t need to pay attention to the rules. Facemasks are still mandatory, and all the nation is still vulnerable!


  • During the last week, more than 1000 people have been checked-in. Also, more than 300 people necessitated ICU.


  • Unlike the first phase of COVID-19, it seems that this disease concerns now mostly people under 40 years old. Since there is no certain cure right now, the recommendation is to always respect the rules to prevent the spreading of Coronavirus.


9 September updates 


  • In the latest 24 hours deaths have been 25, and the new contaminations have been 4203.


  • The numbers of infected people and clusters are finally decreasing. Now just 45 clusters are investigated in the whole Ile-de-France region.


  • The French Government is debating about reducing the length of the quarantine. In further weeks, the quarantine may last less than 14 days.


  • Even if wearing facemasks is still mandatory, there is still plenty of things to do in the city, among events and exhibitions to go to. Even if Paris is still fighting against COVID-19, people stand strong.



September 7 updates  

  • There still are 61 active clusters active in the Ile-de-France region. 25 of them are in Paris.


  • According to the data of September 3, 60 departments are considered vulnerable and that is why the vigilance is higher than ever.


  • The latest data about infected people report that in Paris there are 297 people at the hospitals, while deaths have been 1818.



  • In the latest 24 hours, there have been 3082 new contaminations and 29 deaths.
    The manager of the Health Authorities declared: The Direction générale de la Santé – Health Authorities – warned: “The viral circulation is clearly increasing in France. With a daily toll over 1,000 infections, we came back to levels comparable with the end of lockdown”.


  • In France, there are 57 departments that are considered vulnerable, including Ile de France.


latest update 31/08

  • In the worst of the cases, there might be new confinement (i.e. lockdown) in France. The good news is that the French President Emmanuel Macron stated that he would not encourage a domestic lockdown. The first lockdown brought so many damages already. What the Government is doing is to state new rules to learn to live with the virus, as the World Health Organization suggested. Individual responsibility is very important in helping the collectivity.


  • There are many clusters in France. The Santé Publique France released some data according to which 53 departments are considered vulnerable. The news is that now the virus has more incidence of people between 25 and 35 years old.


  • In Paris, the number of people infected is increasing day by day. Even if fewer people are dying, most of the infected are in ICU.


  • By now, facemasks are mandatory. Given the increase of the infection, from August 28, at 8 a.m. people must wear facemasks. Anyway, the obligation does not apply to runners, cyclists, riders. Facemasks must be worn in Paris and in the suburbs of Paris. Remember this, if you are planning to go to Seine-Saint-Denis, Hauts-de-Seine, and Val-de-Marne.


  • Tourism has been one of the industries that have been most damaged by the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone is taking off the eyes of business, paying more attention to being responsible. That is why companies such as Airbnb are avoiding reservations from people Under 25.