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In Paris for free, events in every time of the year

in paris for freeGoing in Paris for free, except for the flight, the accommodation and food, is actually a thing! If you want to live your holiday without spending any money and enjoy the most important attractions of Paris and you want to go to lots of events, you can do it. Just follow my instructions!

I already talked about 20 things you can do in Paris for free. Today, you will find out which events you can attend in Paris without spending an euro.

Before doing this, I would like to remember that if your age is under 26 years old, you can join lots of attractions for free. If you are older, you can still do a lot without spending any money too.

While visiting attractions such as the Louvre or the Parks for free is easier, figure out which events are free need more attention. My advice is to collect information about the annual events that are always free.


1. Events in Paris for free, on the beaches (Plages)

It’s true: Paris does not have beaches. Parisians are very clever and invented the plages, i.e. artificial beaches along the Seine. It is the place to be if you are in Paris during Spring or Summer. Especially during Summer! Lots of events in Paris for free use beaches as a set. You will sunbathe and find entertainment at one time!



2. A Music Festival in Paris for Free

One of the best events in Paris for free is the Paris Music Festival. It is held every 21st of June, to celebrate the beginning of Summer. It is held in various locations and many kinds of music are played. So, if you are in Paris in those day of the year, look for the information you need to listen a live concert of the music you like for free!


cinema la villette paris for free3. Film for everyone at La Villette

Another one of the best events in Paris for free is the Cinema en Plein Air. It is a series of dates dedicated to the cinema that takes place in La Villette Park. You might think that it is perfect only for French people but since the film are in original language, English and American speakers can enjoy this too! For example, They will project La La Land on July 18, Yellow Submarine on July 22, Sugar Man on August 1st and Spring Breakers on the 2nd. Films usually begin at 9 p.m.


in paris for free4. Historic events are always free

If you would like to know more about Paris for free, remember that events that celebrate France such as the ones for Bastille Day on July 14, when French people celebrate Independence, are always free. Also, look for the European Heritage Day in mid-September too. In those days, lots of events and attractions are accessible for who wants to be in Paris for free.