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Instagram captions ideas about travelling

quotes parisWhile the world is slowly getting out of the pandemic situation, travelling is coming back!

Read the latest news about COVID-19 in Paris and in France.

While waiting for your next trip, you may have wants to share with your friends and followers the best pictures of the latest ones. I love sharing the best pictures of Paris at @parisrentapartments. Also, I think that one of the best ways to catch the attention of your experience is to enrich your posts with quotes or puns that may strengthen your message.

Here at parisrentaparmtents you can find many types of quotes about Paris, and puns about Paris and French. Even if usually I prefer captions ideas that are specifically about Paris, I think that ideas about travelling are worth a look! Especially if you would like to post something about your memories of your stay in Paris…

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The best ideas for captions about travelling

Here are some selected ideas for captions about travelling.

  • “Oh, this time and this place.”


  • “Nothing but blue skies and good vibes.”


  • “Waiting to travel again like…”


  • “Throwing it back to the very best trip.”


  • “Tangled up in trip memories.”


  • “An oldie but goodie pic from my travels.”


  • “Big fan of catching flights and finding cute caf├ęs.”


  • “To the other side of the world and beyond.”


  • “Daydreaming about this day.”


  • “I could go for another morning like this.”


  • “If you were looking for a cool travel pic, here’s one.”


  • “Found something magical there.”


  • “Will I ever stop posting pictures from this trip? Probably not.”


  • “Sunshine and good feelings.”


  • “My camera and passport. That’s all I need.”


  • “I have a whole world in my camera roll.”


  • “Things I’m grateful for: my passport, my pals, and the world.”


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