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Which is the best part of the year to come to Paris?

Find out which is the best time of the year to come to Paris. Exploring the city is always amazing, but certain seasons are best than others to fully enjoy it.


The best time to come to Paris

time of the year parisGiven that the city is magical all year round, I think that the best part of the year to come to Paris is in Summer. Especially in June, days are very long and there is the perfect weather to take a trip outside. When the days are very long, when the sun sets around 10 pp, it allows you to visit way more things than usual. Plus, taking a break at a characteristic Parisian café when the sun is high is fantastic!


Winter can be cold and gray days, but at the same time, you can find excellent rates for both flights and hotels. You can find lots of upsides in coming to Paris in Winter, even if the weather is very cold! In April, despite Spring, Paris is very rainy.


Summer is obviously the most tourist season – and also the most expensive. In July, Paris is super crowded. This is also due to the fact that July 14 is a national holiday, as there is the recurrence of the Bastille Day.

In August, as in many other European cities, many restaurants and shops are closed, although there are still plenty of fun things to do such as cinema and outdoor concerts and the popular Paris Plage on the banks of the Seine and in Parc de la Villette.


September is another great month to visit Paris. In September, Paris welcomes you with very pleasant temperatures. Flights are much cheaper than in July and August and there are many cultural events coinciding with the end of the summer season.

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