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Famous Bridges in Paris, a complete list!

Bridges in Paris are very famous! That is because they are historical attractions in Paris. Each one is a fascinating engineering structure. Sometimes, bridges might even be a masterpiece of architecture too!

The difference is subtle but evident!

Bridges in Paris characterize this city. Also, they offer so many scenic views of Paris. You can easily pay attention to it in the islands of the city center, Ile Saint-Louis and Ile de la Cité. You can walk through some of these bridges or you can go there by bike; sometimes you may need to go there taking the metro.


Most famous bridges in Paris – video

Each bridge in Paris has a story

Bridges in Paris are very important because each one has a story. Here I tell you just some of them. You can find out what’s so special about the others just going there and walking through! It is an experience that you will do for sure, once in Paris. Check out which bridge is closer to your accommodation.


  • The Pont Saint-Louis is a bridge in Paris that connects Ile de la Cité with Ile Saint-Louis. You can get there by line 4 of the Métrò, getting off at the Cité station. Pont Saint-Louis was designed by two architects, Jabouille and Creuzot, and then built by the engineers Long-Depaquit and Coste. It is a Paris bridge characterized by a steel structure and beams decorations. In addition to the metro, you can go there on foot or by bike. During sunny days you can also see street artists shows. The bridge of Saint-Louis has been the scenario of several films such as “At the orders of the Fuhrer and at the service of His Majesty” (directed by Terence Young); “La Bourse et la Vie”, directed by Jean-Pierre Mocky. It is also part of the Assassin’s Creed Unity videogame.


  • The Pont de la Tournelle crosses the Seine and is the extension of another Paris bridge of Ile Saint-Louis called Rue des Deux-Ponts. The features of this Paris bridge are its asymmetry and its decoration: a statue that represents St. Genevieve.


  • Pont Louis-Philippe is the Paris bridge that connects the Rive Droite with the Ile Saint-Louis. The Pont Louis-Philippe leads to Notre-Dame and Saint-Gervais districts. The bridge is huge: it is 100 meters long and 15.20 wide. The Louis-Philippe bridge can be reached from the Pont Marie Metro stop.


  • From Ile Saint-Louis, you can walk through Pont Marie, a historical monument of France since 1887 and one of the most famous Paris bridges. Its name is due to the engineer who designed and built it, Christophe Marie. Dating back to 1635, itis one of the oldest bridges in Paris. The structure is in brickwork. Also, it has 5 arches.


Bridges in Paris, the full list

Here the full list if you want to cross all the most famous bridges in Paris!


  • Pont des Arts (Arrondissement 6);


  • Pont Alexandre III (Arrondissement 7);


  • Pont Neuf (Arrondissement 6);


  • Pont de Bir-Hakeim (Arrondissement 15);


  • Pont de l’Alma (Arrondissement 8);


  • Pont de la Concorde (Arrondissement 8);


  • Passerelle Simone-de-Beauvoir (Arrondissement 12);


  • Pont de la Tournelle (Arrondissement 5)


  • Pont d’Iéna (Arrondissement 1);


  • Pont Marie (Arrondissement 4);


  • Pont au Change (Arrondissement 6);


  • Pont de l’Archeveché (Arrondissement 4);


  • Pont Saint-Michel (Arrondissement 5);


  • Pont de Sully (Arrondissement 5);


  • Pont Saint-Louis (Arrondissement 4);


  • Pont Royal (Arrondissement 7);


  • Petit-Pont (Arrondissement 4);


  • Pont au Double (Arrondissement 6);


  • Passerelle Debilly (Arrondissement 7);


  • Pont Notre-Dame  (Arrondissement 4);


  • Pont Mirabeau  (Arrondissement 15);


  • Pont des Invalides  (Arrondissement 8);


  • Pont de Bercy (Arrondissement 8);


  • Pont de Grenelle  (Arrondissement 15);


  • Pont d’Austerlitz (Arrondissement 12);


  • Pont d’Arcole (Arrondissement 4);


  • Pont Louis-Philippe (Arrondissement 4);


  • Passerelle Leopold-Sédar-Senghor (Arrondissement 7);


  • Viaduc d’Austerlitz  (Arrondissement 12);


  • Pont Charles-de-Gaulle  (Arrondissement 12);


  • Pont du Carrousel (Arrondissement 7);


  • Pont de Tolbiac  (Arrondissement 13);


  • Pont Rouelle (Arrondissement 15);


  • Pont National (Arrondissement 13);


  • Pont du Garigliano (Arrondissement 15);


  • Pont aval (Arrondissement 15);


  • Pont amont (Arrondissement 12);


  • Passerelle de Mornay (Arrondissement 12);


  • pont Morland (Arrondissement 12)


  • Pont tournant de la Grange (Arrondissement 10);


  • Passerelle Bichat (Arrondissement 10);


  • Passerelle Richerand  (Arrondissement 10);


  • passerelle des Douanes (Arrondissement 10);


  • Passerelle de la Grange aux Belles  (Arrondissement 10);


  • Pont de Suresnes (Arrondissement 16);


  • Pont di Port-à-l’Anglais;


  • Passerelle des Ardennes (Arrondissement 19);


  • Viaduc des Arts (Arrondissement 12);


  • Pont de Neuilly;