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Solo in Paris: tips

If you are planning to go solo in Paris, you might need some advice about what you will need in Paris alone. Here you find the best accommodations for who is in Paris alone. Also, you can note down where to go, what to do, where to eat. But first, here some tips for those who come to Paris alone!


Solo in Paris, Tips to Follow

If you are going to Paris alone you might be an experienced traveler. Take a look at these bits of advice anyway to see if I can surprise you by telling you something you didn’t know!


  • Self-guide yourself
    If you are into the solo in Paris experience, you might not want to be guided in your tour. I suggest buying a walking tour guide that is designed for those who want to make this experience. Or, you can use this site too! Start from Le Marais and note down the attractions you want to see! If you need a full plan, take a look at Paris Travel Planning or use the contact form of that page to ask me something specific.


  • To begin, go to smaller attractions
    If you don’t want to feel as you are alone in a huge space, I don’t suggest going to the Louvre as the first thing to do. I would go to smaller museums, just like the Musée de Montmartre, where you can admire lots of artworks by Auguste Renoir. If you are under 26, don’t forget to take a look at Under 26 discounts!


  • Take your time to shop
    When we have company, we do not always be with people who want to do the same things. Usually, when a person stops to buy something, others might feel bored. Once you are alone taking your time to buy the best souvenirs! I suggest take a walk along the Seine and buy something at the famous bouquinistes of Paris!


  • Note down filming locations
    One of the best things to do solo in Paris is checking out the areas where your favorite movies were shot! This is one of the strongest experiences for cinema lovers, being in frames they admired a lot of times.


  • Plan your nightlife
    Take a look at Paris at Night and at the Events in Paris to figure out how you can spend your nights in the city. There are activities to do for everyone.


Don’t leave your bags unattended: this is an advice that
everyone must follow!


Tips for women

If you are a female solo traveler in Paris you might be a bit scared about the safeness of the city. It is one of the most safer huge cities and every tourist is tracked. It doesn’t mean that there aren’t street harassments or crimes but tourists are often targeted to be better protected. The real advice is to blend the best you can: if you look like a local, you will be safer.

Anyway, Paris is a great stage for a woman who wants to travel alone because it is very easy to understand how to move around Paris (and if it not so, take a look at the Transports in Paris page).


Where to stay in Paris alone

If you are planning to stay solo in Paris, here is the accommodation that is great for who is in Paris alone.


  • Apartment in Arrondissement 6;
    This is the perfect independent apartment for who is in Paris alone because it is small but warm and it is provided of every comfort.


  • Bookstore apartment in Le Marais;
    If you want to relax just reading by yourself, this is a dream house for you! Just imagine living in an old bookshop in Paris center.



  • Suite near the Louvre;
    This apartment is for those who are traveling in Paris alone but don’t want to give up on luxury. This is a very elegant accommodation even if it is just a one-room apartment!


  • Flat for rent in Paris, living like a local;
    I like it when apartments that are good for those who are solo in Paris are cozy and colorful. This is one of those and that’s why I would go there if I would be in Paris alone.



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Where to eat solo in Paris

For many people, dining alone is a complicated moment. During your holiday solo in Paris, it will be one of the best things! Here you can taste the food that you like, without being conditioned by other people. You will be served first even in rush hours! Here some precise advice:

  • Do it al fresco!
    Dining al fresco is the best thing you can do to enjoy your meal alone. You will be sure to choose the food that you want from a stand or at a café and then you can continue discovering French culture by seeing what happens. It is one of the best things to do when you are on holiday but you also want to live like a local!


  • Huguette
    This place in Saint-Germain-desèPrés is one of the nicer places where you can taste grab shack.
    It is at 81 Rue de Seine (Arrondissement 6).


  • Aux Prés
    This is where to eat when you are solo in Paris if you want to taste food that comes from a famous Parisian market. Here they cook food that comes from Marché d’Aligre!
    It is at 27 rue du Dragon (Arrondissement 6).


  • Comptoir Gourmet
    Here you can taste the authentic Parisian cuisine in a comfortable and elegant place. It is one of the best places to go for dining in Paris alone.
    It is at 51 rue du Temple (Arrondissement 4).


  • Se’bon
    When you go to visit Montmartre and visit all the attractions of that area, you will need a place to go to eat something! I suggest going to Seb’on, close to the wall of Love!
    It is in 62 rue d’Orsel (Arrondissement 18).



What to do and where to go

If you are solo in Paris, you might want to plan every detail of your holidays in advance. Anyway, if you would like to live for the day, this advice might be useful too.

  • Visit the attractions for everyone at your own pace.
    One of the best things about traveling solo in Paris is the possibility to visit huge monuments and churches at your own pace. This means that you can spend either two days in the Louvre or just one hour if you are not in the mood. That’s the same for the Eiffel Tower, for Sacré-Coeur Church or Notre Dame Cathedral.


  • Take a break at the park.
    When you are alone in Paris you don’t need to consult anyone if you just want to go to a park and relax. Parks in Paris are attractions. They are a lot and I always recommend visiting at least one or two of them. It is the experience to do to live like a local!


  • Go shopping!
    If you are into fashion, Paris is paradise. Even if you don’t buy anything you can admire authentic artworks made in cloth or a design object. You can go to the fanciest boutiques or in the top vintage shops.


  • Take a cuisine or fashion class.
    In Paris, you can take a class in class or fashion! These are the most loved activities from travelers and locals. If you are in Paris for a long stay, you can also attend an entire course. It’s a funny experience even for just a class, though!



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  • It’s Nice to Be Alone in Paris: A Guide to the Usual and Unusual (2017), by Herb Lester Associates;
  • Time to Take Flight: The Savvy Woman’s Guide to Safe, Solo Travel, by Jayne Seagrave (2016);
  • The Little Black Book of Paris (2013), by Vesna Neskow.