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Paris in couple tips

Paris in a couple is one of the best romantic ideas! Or, it might be a good idea for two friends too.

As you might already know, I like to collect tips about what to do in Paris in every situation. That is why I vary between travel planning with daily schedules and useful information to know.


In a few words: creativity on one hand and functionality on the other!


A couple in Paris, two people in a new place together, might have the same interests. There must be some activity, art or night event that is perfect for both! In Paris, there are always so many events. Here some tips for who is planning to come to Paris in a couple.



Paris in couple, tips on what to do

museums in paris

Museums in Paris

One of the best things you can do is admiring art in Paris in a couple! Since people’s tastes are varied, I propose many programs in the Paris Travel Planning section of this site.


But, if you would like to collect ideas about museums in Paris to visit in a couple, or if just one of you two is into art,  I suggest taking a look at Museums in Paris and Recommended tours.



What to do at night

paris at night

What to do in Paris at Night

If you are in Paris in a couple and you don’t know what to do in Paris at night, I suggest going on a cruise on the Seine river. It is one of the most romantic activities for a couple in Paris. Also, you will learn a lot about Paris.

The Seine river crosses the very heart of the city and a qualified guide will tell you a lot about the most important buildings and bridges.

Another thing to do at night for a couple in Paris is going out for dinner on Montmartre hill or in Le Marais. They both are very traditional districts in Paris. Also, there are so many restaurants and cafés to try that you can find the perfect one whether is a romantic situation or not.


f you don’t try any event in Paris to go and you want to explore another area, go along Canal St. Martin and see how locals live the aperitif time! Drinking before dinner is a must!



Paris in couple, romantic activities


If you are looking for tips for a couple in Paris, you might want to know which are the most romantic things to do in Paris!
Here a shortlist of the best thing you can propose to your special one.


I know that people always look around for romantic things to do in Paris. The fact is that just being in Paris together is very romantic! If you do know that, the best thing to do is to go to the highest places in the city to share the beauty of the most famous views of Paris.


wedding in paris

Wedding in Paris

The first proposal I have is about “THE” wedding in Paris proposal! Paris is one of the cities where people from all over the world propose the most. And people plan to marry there too!




andré citroen park

André Citroen Park

Another very romantic activity is a hot-air-balloon tour in Paris.
Even if it lasts just 10 minutes, it is a perfect romantic activity to do for couples in Paris. You will gain endless memories. The departure point is from André Citroen Park.



arrondissement 3 market

Markets in Paris

Exploring markets in Paris
One of the most romantic activities for couples in Paris is to explore Paris through its markets! Markets in Paris are a way to try the tastes of the city and to buy the most typical souvenirs! Shopping together is always fun and doing it in markets will make everything more dynamic and lively!




couple in paris instagram pictures

Couple photoshoot in Paris advice

Do your best couple photoshoot in Paris is doable whether you are a pro photographer or not! I have collected some advice for taking the best photos ever!




Paris neighborhoods trips

When you are in Paris in a couple, you might plan to advance the trips in Paris neighborhoods. Mostly if you are in Paris for more than 3 days, you might think to include the explorations of its neighborhoods too. The trips that I always recommend doing, even if in Paris in a couple, are:


  • Disneyland Paris
    Pretend being still kids might be an experience to live in two, with a partner or with a friend. If you won’t feel melancholic being in the most famous amusement park in Paris, Disneyland Paris will amaze you. Everything is so carefully designed and there is always something happening! Don’t forget to consult my quick guide to Disneyland Paris!


  • Saint-Michel
    This might be part of the romantic activities to do too since it is a very romantic place. I have to admit that it is romantic because it is beautiful! It is a place to go to. Landscapes are unique and vary between mountains and shores.


  • Versailles
    Versaille is one of the architectural masterpieces of Paris neighborhoods. It is one of the things to do in a couple in Paris because it has to do with the beauty of the architecture and of the landscape as well. Even if you are not into history, Versailles charms you.


Paris in couple FAQ


  • Which are the things to do in Paris for couples?
    If you come to Paris in a couple, you will feel how romantic the city is! I recommend planning a special activity to do together in advance, like a cooking class or a cycling tour!


  • What couples can do in Paris?
    Couples can do a lot of things in Paris! Visiting parks, going to events, exploring Paris on feet…


  • Is Paris good for couples?
    Any couple can live Paris at its best. Since it is very very tiring, I have to admit that people who know each other better might have fewer problems!


  • Where should a couple in Paris stay?
    You can take a look at the Accommodation section of this site, or you can ask me for further information and proposals by contacting me!